• Resign Yourself to My Hairy Armpits

    It's time for a sexy sit-down chat and I'm even wearing your favorite lingerie while we talk. The downside is, I haven't shaved my hairy armpits even though I know you hate them. After seeing your reaction I lay down the law - my unshaven underarms are here to stay, no matter what you say, and if you want to cum to my sexy tits you're going to have to do it while staring at my furry pits. I'm not being mean about it, you just have to make peace with the fact that the new status quo involves you staring at my luscious armpit hair while you cum and my dirty talk is here to help ease the way.

  • Walking Boot Conversation

    [CUSTOM] After learning that I'd been stuck in walking boots for a while, I was commissioned to talk about my experience. I go over the feel of the boots, the awakwardness of learning to walk in them and how much it sucks when you get an itch under all the velcro. I also talk a bit about the interesting interactions I've had while wearing them - apparently fetishists are more common than I'd thought - and all the attention I get when I wear them out in public. I make sure you get a good view of my boots and my sexy pale legs as I talk, even going so far as to show off all the attachments that keep my feet in place.

  • Nurse Foot JOI w/Countdown

    This soft-spoken nurse has you wrapped around her pinkie toe as she teases and taunts you with her soft, flexible soles and long smooth legs. She takes a sweet delight in describing how much you'd enjoy letting her press her feet against your face or wrap them gently around your cock. As you listen to her smooth voice and let her words take you deeper you can't help but get hard watching the movements of her feet as they glide against one another as she speaks. When she asks you to touch yourself you can't help but comply and she's more than happy to talk you through a footjob fantasy as you touch yourself and dream of shooting your cum all over her perfect toes.

  • Post-Balloon Popping Dildofuck

    After destroying a massive amount of balloons during one of my balloon popping clips I was so turned on that I had to grab a realistic dildo and my hitachi wand to noisily satisfy myself while sitting amidst the latex remnants.

  • Lovingly Cuckolded Pt 02 4K

    If you missed the first half of my LOVINGLY CUCKOLDED clip, you'll want to grab it as well. After all of the teasing and taunting from the first clip - where you're left at a restaurant, all alone, as your sexy lingerie-clad girlfriend sits at home stroking a thick cock and trash talking you - you finally have to watch her get fucked with the kind of cock you could only dream of having. As she gets pounded by his hard cock she breathlessly taunts you about all the ways you aren't able to satisfy her until he splatters cum all over her pretty date-night lingerie...and then she has him continue fucking orgasms out of her while she's covered in his cum.

  • Fuckin Patriotism

    Once Jonah got Lily and her cute little overalls away from the 4th of July barbeque he just had to see if she really loved America. She can't help but excitedly rattle off a whole list of things she adores about the US and barely even notices as his hand keeps sliding higher on her thigh (all the way up onto her covered pussy) as she rambles on. Eventually all this unrestrained love for her country starts to take an effect on Jonah and he pops a majestic, knotty patriotism boner. It takes a little sweet talking, but soon Lily's taking his freedom-flavored erection into her mouth and driving the knot hard against her lips to try and take it all inside. Soon enough Lily's begging to have that big slab of patriotic pie shoved all the way up inside her oven and Jonah can't help but comply, shoving her onto the couch and driving his American-made knot balls deep in her soaking wet pussy as her soft titties bounce with each thrust. Her earnest love for the red, white and blue leads to her demanding he deliver his hot load inside her and all he can do is drive his hips against her, knotting her deep and pumping his hot cum into her pussy as she shakes and cums uncontrollably. feat. Jonah Pilgrim

  • Snap Show: Parking Lot Mastb

    After a chemistry-laden photoshoot I had to take a moment to burn off some of that tension for my Premium members (before even leaving the parking lot), so I hike up my long dress and tease myself through my panties while talking about what I needy mess I am. Soon enough I'm sliding my fingers into my wet pussy and driving myself toward the orgasms I so desperately need, even as cars roll past my parking space. I try so hard to be quiet, but it's hard when it feels so good. *Discounted due to minor audio glitches*

  • Submissive GFE

    I'm aware that work has kept you away - and I know that working hard to provide for us is important - but I miss all the kinky sex we have! I dress up in my cutest black lingerie and try to tempt you into coming home early in this little video message... I talk about all the things I miss about you and all the little things you do that make me feel so submissive to you before pulling out my collar and asking you to make me yours. Once the collar is on I can't help but break your no-masturbating rule as I play with my perky breasts and sensitive nipples. Things escalate quickly after that - nipple clamps go on, I spank my inner thighs until I'm grinding against the bed with desparate need and then paddle my pale ass until I can't help it and have to slide my fingers into my wetness. I end up begging you for your dick as I fuck myself to a squirting orgasm with one of my black dildos...won't you come home and put me in my place? If you love submissive redheads, fishnet thigh highs, sloppy squirting and being called need this video.

  • Insatiable Hotel Masturbation

    Sometimes my libido turns me into an insatiable slut, desperate to get off in any way possible. I first try to satisfy my cravings with my hand, then my njoy wand before grinding my swollen clit on the mattress and finally by desperately humping a pillow until I cum. There's lots of dirty talking and lust-filled moans and groans as I chase orgasm after orgasm, toying my super creamy pussy until I squirt before taking out all my frustrations on a soft, sweet pillow.

  • YT Sleipnir Tryout

    Being a successful toy reviewer means getting down and dirty with your toys sometimes. Here you get to watch my testing process as I have a go at Sleipnir from Bad Dragon - I finger myself open and take the girthy toy into my mouth before stuffing myself full of it in a variety of positions until I can't take any more.

  • Bad Roommate 3 - Smell My Feet

    After being subdued in a very embarrassing set of wrestling matches Lily isn't exactly trusting of Irene's request to check the pain in her foot. Irene's up to no good again, it seems, and her small favor leads to imposing Lily to smell and lick her sweaty, dirty feet as the poor girl struggles to get away.

  • POV Hotel Cuckolding

    You've sent your sweet young wife ahead of you to check in to the hotel and she video calls you to appriase you of the situation. Only problem is, when she went down to the bar she met a bit of a roughneck and then invited him back to the room. All you can do is watch helplessly as Miles saunters in and proceeds to show your lovely wife what fucking a real man is like, manhandling her all over the bed and letting her suck his thick cock before fucking her facing the camera so you can watch her face as he pumps a thick load of cum into her unprotected pussy. feat. Miles Striker

  • CGDH Sucking Kaiia's Cock

    One of the best parts of going to a convention with a whole group of girls is getting to play with them behind the scenes - when Kaiia Eve offered to let me get on my knees and suck her perfectly pale strap-on I couldn't help but say yes. This is a sweet, simple POV clip featuring Kaiia's stunningly seductive dirty talk, handheld camera work and ending with a messy little cumshot that I smear everywhere.

  • GFE Stockings Domme

    Wearing dark makeup I try on a pair of seductively high-end stockings, taking my time on pulling them up my long, pale legs before showing off my nylon-clad soles for your enjoyment. Then you get the full girlfriend treatment as I talk about what a good little bottom you are and how I'm going to gag you, wrap you up in bondage and have my way with you. Talking like this gets me insatiably turned on, so you get to watch me play with my cute little pussy and cum as I talk you through all the things I'm going to do to you when I see you again. Featuring mentions of: bondage, edging, pegging, blowjob, female domination, girlfriend domme, cuddling, positive reinforcement

  • Belly Flashing Conversation

    As per a custom request, I play with my short t-shirt while talking about the story of how I got into porn as well as some thoughts on where things will go for me in the future. While I talk I pull up the hem of my shirt to rub my nose, repeatedly showing off my curvy stomach and cute little belly button. Later I unbotton my jeans to get a little more comfortable, still giving you frequent glimpses of my pale stomach and the bottom of my soft bra as I stretch and stand with my arms folded overhead.

  • Phone Sex

    In a glimpse into her real-world sex life, you get to be a fly on the wall and listen in on one of her phone sex sessions while she's on the road and winding down from a long day. You can hear her side of the conversation and watch as she fingers herself to orgasm while wearing a sexy set of dark green lingerie.

  • Toy Tryout: Double Dildo DP

    In the interest of working through my toy tryouts a bit quicker I've decided to tackle this pair of toys at the same time! In my standard toy tryout style I start off talking about the two dildos and comparing them before deciding what's going to go where. From there we start vaginally, sliding one sleek toy inside and talking you through how it feels inside me, before nervously lubing up my ass and working the second dildo inside. After that it starts with anal orgasms followed by even more orgasms (and so much messy squirting) once I stuff my pussy full and begin fucking both holes at once. (To date, this is the only double-penetration video I've ever filmed.)

  • Roommate Pee Desperation

    Lily's roommate Anna is...not great. She's stranded Lily with a toilet that doesn't work and a painfully over-filled bladder to deal with. Getting her on the phone doens't help - Anna doesn't seem to be in any kind of a hurry to get back and resolve the situation. Lily struggles to hold it in, crossing and double-crossing her legs while she talks herself out of giving in and peeing in the bathroom sink. She tries a whole host of tricks to keep everything contained - rubbing her pussy, putting her fist between her thighs and crossing her legs around it - but eventually she has to stand up to escape the sensation. Standing doesn't help at all and she winds up fidgeting and dancing around to try to distract herself (conveniently giving you a price view of her thick thighs and sexy calves) as she tries to fight off her impending bladder failure. When she realizes she's leaked a little she quickly sits back down, but you can tell the pressure is building to an insurmountable degree. Her whimpers and panting breaths only get worse as she tries to hold off the inevitable...and eventually she breaks, squatting down to piss on the floor in front of the toilet while moaning in relief.

  • Schoolgirl Sole Tease

    Schoolgirl Lily is still a bit shy...she knows you like staring at her soft, wrinkled soles, but she hasn't worked up the nerve to talk to you about it. So while she's laying in The Pose all cute in her little plaid skirt you get to record her while she makes lots of shy eye contact and flirtatious foot wiggles.

  • Smelly Feet Secretary Vlog

    Secretary Lily is sneaking in a little vlog to tell y'all about how she took her uptight boss and turned him into a helpless little foot slave. You get a beautiful view of her stocking-clad feet as she talks about using her smelly nylons and stinky nude pumps to turn him into her devoted foot licker. She even tells him about how he'll have to think about her feet before he fucks his wife... (Includes: men in panties, cum in panties, coerced infidelity, foot sniffing, stinky feet, office roleplay, secretary)