• Snap Show: Long Distance GIRLFRIEND

    Your GIRLFRIEND Lily loves snapping you when you can't be home with her and today that means stripping out of her casual t-shirt and jeans as she reminisces about how much she misses your lips on her skin. Soon her soft spoken sweet talk gets her all riled up and she can't help but show you the way her fingers slide soft into her wet little pussy as she cums to you over and over again. *Discounted due to audio glitches* This clip is gender-neutral

  • Chubby Pillowhump

    Showing off my chubby little tummy for you got me all kinds of turned on, so I snug my far-too-tight shorts up against my pussy and grind on a purloined pillow (while groping all my sexy belly squish) so you can watch.

  • Mutual Orgasms with You, Alex

    I'm so excited to show off my cute black lingerie and pale stockings as I touch myself and confess to all the ways I love having your hands on me. Soon I'm asking you to stroke yourself and cumming over and over as I fantasize about my legs around your waist and the feel of you inside me. Can't you almost feel yourself fucking me as I beg you to cum for me with my fingers buried in my pussy? Feat. repeated use of the name ALEX and penis-focused masturbation encouragement If you'd like something special, why not contact me for a custom?

  • Fangbang 01 - Introducing Thrall

    Vampire Lily has a hot date tonight...her country boy decided to let her have him for dinner, much to her delight. Little did he know that he was going to get eaten in a much different way than he imagined - after bringing in a little light bondage she strokes him to orgasm and drains him dry.

  • Phone Sex

    In a glimpse into her real-world sex life, you get to be a fly on the wall and listen in on one of her phone sex sessions while she's on the road and winding down from a long day. You can hear her side of the conversation and watch as she fingers herself to orgasm while wearing a sexy set of dark green lingerie.

  • Clamped Gagged and Dildofucked

    My GIRLFRIEND left me at home while she had some errands to run, so I raided her toy stash and decided to have a little fun. I show off my gag and nipple clamps before pulling out a purloined dildo and fucking myself to a few gentle orgasms

  • Summer Couch Blowjob

    There's nothing I love more than spending a lazy summer evening sucking dick, so after Thixon and I spent the morning enjoying one another (which you can watch in SUMMER COUCH MAKEOUT) I couldn't help but sink to my knees and spend a beautiful interlude worshipping his cock. We start while he's still soft, letting him come to hardness in my mouth before I focus on fitting as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. He tangles his hand in my hair to help me along, cutting off my happy little moans and whimpers as he fills my throat during this sensual, sexy little bj.

  • Beautiful Gagony

    I enjoy playing with my GIRLFRIEND 's ballgag, but I'm always such a messy girl when I do...I keep the focus on my drooling mouth and moaning reactions as I fuck myself with our favorite toy. Nothing explicit shows up on screen - it's fun to keep a little something to the imagination.

  • POV Squirting Sex

    When Lily's nearing shark week she starts to crave your dick, so all you need to do is watch as she lubes you up and begs you to fuck her in missionary. Soon enough your pale cock is spearing between the folds of her pretty pink pussy as she mooans and grinds up against you. She's super vocal as you fuck her to orgasm over and over again, eventually grabbing her little Doxy wand and sweet talking you until she repeatedly squirts all over herself. It's not enough to satisfy her, so next you get to watch as she forces your cock past her tight rosebud and cums one last super intense time with you buried in her ass. If you'd like something special, why not contact me for a custom?

  • Retainer Showoff

    I've gotten a lot of questions regarding my braces - sadly I don't wear them any longer, but I do still have my cemented-in permanent retainer as well as the clear essix-style retainers I wear each night - so I take some time out of my morning to chat with you (in a relaxed GIRLFRIEND style) about what it's like to wear the post-treatment appliances. I show off the details of each piece of the retainer set, give close-ups of my mouth as I click each section in place and divulge some sexy details about why I enjoy wearing them during blowjobs. You get to watch me remove them before I show off more of my mouth and spend time placing and removing the plates.

  • POV Beefcake BJ

    Sometimes all I want to do is stuff my mouth with a lovely cock, so this lucky guy got to run the camera as I give him the slow, methodical blowjob that we both needed. I take my time kissing my way down his thighs, then licking and sucking his balls before showing off my sexy deep-throating skills. I alternate between stroking his dick with my beautifully manicured hands and attempting to suck his soul out through his cock. When he can't hold on any longer I get my wish and he cums all over my face.

  • Lovingly Cuckolded Pt 01 4K

    It's Valentine's Day and you're the sweetest, most devoted partner - you set up flowers and cute little plushies by the bed and you're waiting for me at a nice restaurant for our date - but it seems like I'm just not enthused about your offering. So while you're waiting at that wonderfully romantic restaurant for our date I'm recording a heart to heart for you to watch...and it turns out I'm treating myself to the present I really wanted all along. I make sure to reassure you of how loved you are and how much of a good provider you are as I pull out my boy toy's beautifully engorged cock. You get to watch as I stroke and lick it, throughly enjoying my Valentine's treat while you can only watch helplessly. Features: small cock humiliation, gfe cuckold, inadquate boyfriend, condescending blowjob, cheating, Jonah Pilgrim

  • Sleepy GFE

    Ever wanted to snuggle up close to me, hold my hand and hear me murmur sweet nothings as we cum from some mutual masturbation? In this sweet POV clip we hold hands in bed while I touch myself - playing with my sensitive pink nipples before sliding my hand beneath the sheets and stroking myself to a soft orgasm - as I talk you through the things I love about fucking you and encourage you to touch yourself alongside me as we unwind from a long day together. This clip is gender-neutral

  • Triad Camshow - Crazy Ticket Show

    Once upon a time I had a chance to engage in a post-convention hookup that was sexy as fuck (as you might've seen in my Triad Camshow series) and I've finally come back to reveal the final act - our Crazy Ticket show where we spent an hour and a half sucking and fucking in every position imaginable. Come in and watch as I get passed around and my holes stuffed full as John and Lianna both take advantage of my oral skills before letting me ride John's cock until I can't cum any longer. The chemistry here is hot as fuck and you definitely don't want to miss this hot ass camshow. feat. Lianna Lawson & John King

  • 8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 02

    Lily has a loose grasp on the idea of Hanukkah (mostly that it involves 8 days of giving presents) and really wants to be a supportive GIRLFRIEND and help you celebrate, so she's going to treat you to something sexy every day. On the second day she surprises you with a cute cardigan and knee-high socks, then strips down to pleasure herself with a sexy blue glass dildo as she encourages you to get off with her. Those tight white socks show off every curve of her soles and wiggling toes as she fucks her pussy slow and cums for you.

  • Cuckold Before & After

    It's so sweet of you to let your GIRLFRIEND go out on a date like this! I chat with you as I'm getting ready, telling you about my plans for the evening and having you help me pick out which pair of underwear for beneath my dress. I also check back in with you after my date, showing off my lack of panties and telling you just how amazing all the sex was. Features: pet name


    I know you like me chunky, but this getting-me-fat thing might be going a bit overboard...I've squeezed into what used to be my favorite pair of cutoffs and I'm determined to show you just how squishy my belly, thighs, and butt have gotten. My tummy gets a little red from all the groping by the end of it, but I think I'm finally okay with how heavy I've gotten for you

  • 8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 04

    Lily has a loose grasp on the idea of Hanukkah (mostly that it involves 8 days of giving presents) and really wants to be a supportive GIRLFRIEND and help you celebrate, so she's going to treat you to something sexy every day. On the 4th day she surprises you with a sensual footjob, stroking your cock between her soles and teasing you with her flexible toes until you can't help but cum all over her sexy pale feet.

  • 8 Days of Hanukkah: Day 08

    Lily has a loose grasp on the idea of Hanukkah (mostly that it involves 8 days of giving presents) and really wants to be a supportive GIRLFRIEND and help you celebrate, so she's going to treat you to something sexy every day. On the 8th and final day she surprises you with a very specific request - she wants you to fuck her, cum in her and do it in doggy style, just how you like it. Once you've ripped the panties off her ass you can dive right in, stretching her out with your big cock and letting her cum all over it before pulling out to watch her play with the cum dripping out of her pussy.

  • GFE Vore Fantasy

    Your giant GIRLFRIEND Lily knows all about your vore fantasy where you want her to chew you up into little pieces and digest you slowly. She loves you too much to eat you just yet, so she's pulled out a few boba balls so she can give you an up close view of her sharp teeth and tongue as she bites into them slowly and shows off how she can chew them into tiny pieces (just like you) before swallowing them with a noisy gulp. The whole time she talks to you about how hard it would be to escape as she chews on you just to hear you squirm between her teeth.