• Gloves & Boots & SQUIRTING

    Sometimes I just want to pack as many of my favorite kinks into one clip as possible, so I started out with my sheer black pantyhose, added my tall satin gloves and knee-high leather boots and finished it all off with a neat little collar and one of my njoy wands so that I could make a SQUIRTING mess for you. I tease you, running my hands over my soft breasts and sensitive pink nipples, then slide my dark hose down just enough to toy my needy pussy until I'm soaking the bed with a series of moaning orgasms. If you like fetish clothing, sexy stripping and watching me cum until I can't function, well, this is a very good clip for you.

  • Schoolgirl Takes Stan

    I can be a bit of a greedy girl and sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so to speak. I take on my biggest toy - a large Stan by Bad Dragon - and do my best to fit the monstrous dildo inside. Can I fit this massive monster cock inside my size queen pussy? Can it make me cum? Is the sofa irrefutably ruined by my excessive SQUIRTING ? You'll have to tune in to see...

  • Bedwetting Masturbation

    After hearing that holding a full bladder while masturbating can lead to stronger orgasms Lily just has to try it out, so she starts out with some nipple play - and if you've seen her Nipple Play Orgasm video you know just how much she loves that - before pulling out a little vibe and placing it right on her clit. Once it's pulled an intense little SQUIRTING orgasm from her she can't help but arch up onto her knees and cum over and over again, trying to clench against the pressure until she finally loses control of her bladder entirely and soaks the bed.

  • Toy Tryout: Vixskin Bronco

    Trying out new toys is always so much fun, especially when it's a super thick realistic dildo like the Bronco. I make sure to give it a very thorough test, stretching my jaw around it's girth as I get it nice and wet before slowly stuffing the massive toy into my tight pussy. The huge cock fills me completely and I grind myself onto it in missionary as I hold my Doxy wand to my clit. When I shift to doggystyle I can't help but drive myself back onto the thick shaft, convulsing on the dick as I cum over and over again and soak the bed with my uncontrollable SQUIRTING . In true toy tryout style the whole video is full of my dirty talk and breathless narration of how good it feels inside me. feat. the Bronco Vixskin X

  • Shy Shower Sprayer

    My very first time peeing on cam was adorably shy - I work up my nerve by rubbing my cute little pussy and spreading it wide before shooting a hot stream directly onto the glass shower door. The intoxicating feeling of pissing for you gets me so turned on that I have to slip my fingers inside, stroking against my g-spot roughly to make me squirt again and again against the glass. I finish out with some more forceful peeing and a soft little clit orgasm - can you believe all that was off of a single full bladder?

  • Poison Ivy Origin

    Researcher Lily is working hard in the greenhouse when she suddenly spots a strange plant - could this be the cause of all the aberrant growth? As she moves closer to examine the specimen it belches a pale sap onto her skin that causes some interesting effects. First there's the hot flashes, causing her to shed her professional lab coat and attire. Then the need to stroke the strange plant and smear the sap along her skin. The final phase begins when she gives in to the urge to finger her needy pussy and leads to uncontrollable orgasm after orgasm as she squirts and cums until her legs give out. Will she be able to escape the plant's control?

  • Snap Show: New Toy Tryout - Sola Cue

    Every time I pick up a new toy I have to bring it along for y'all to watch - today it's a sleek new vibrator and a lot of foreplay. I take my time teasing and caressing my pale curves as I lay tangled up in my sheets, before pulling out the toy and showing you all the ways it makes me cum (including a bed-soaking amount of SQUIRTING at the end).

  • Toy Tryout: Equinox

    Toy tryouts occasionally introduce me to unexpected finds, like this weirdly shaped little dildo from Xenocat - with its bifurcated head, tentacle-inspired shaft and petite size I was so curious to see if it'd be satisfying. I start off running my hands all over my pale skin, teasing myself as I prepare for my alien encounter. Stroking the shaft along my skin lets me luxuriate in the strangeness of the texture as it opens me up and uses that broad head to repeatedly hit my g-spot until I squirt over and over again. *DISCOUNTED DUE TO MODERATE AUDIO GLITCHES*

  • Toy Tryout: Double Dildo DP

    In the interest of working through my toy tryouts a bit quicker I've decided to tackle this pair of toys at the same time! In my standard toy tryout style I start off talking about the two dildos and comparing them before deciding what's going to go where. From there we start vaginally, sliding one sleek toy inside and talking you through how it feels inside me, before nervously lubing up my ass and working the second dildo inside. After that it starts with anal orgasms followed by even more orgasms (and so much messy SQUIRTING ) once I stuff my pussy full and begin fucking both holes at once. (To date, this is the only double-penetration video I've ever filmed.)

  • Headphone Couch Masturbation

    Relaxing on the couch with my kitty ear headphones is my favorite way to spend an afternooon, though it often leads to masturbating. You'll get to watch me play with my gorgeous soft tits (putting my puffy nipples on perfect display) before pulling out my Doxy wand and cumming over and over. At first I use them over my panties, but soon enough I have to pull them off so I can taste my soft pink pussy and spread it wide for the g-spot attachment. When I kick my foot up on the back of the couch you get to watch my long pale legs tremble as I slide the toy inside and almost instantly cum again. I'm entranced by the music in my headphones, oblivious to how loud I get as I pin the vibe to the couch and ride it until I can't take any more, giving you a clear view of how the headphones hug my ears and keep me in my own little world. Finally I give in to the need for even more and fuck myself with the toy, grinding it hard against my g-spot and letting you watch as it slides in and out of my pussy until I can't help but squirt all over the couch. If you want to watch me cum until I'm a shivering mess, this is a must-have.

  • Some Kind of Super Soaker

    Lazy mornings are the best - I start by pinching and caressing my pretty pink nipples through my t-shirt, before moving through some lingering fingering and finally fucking myself with my toy until I squirt a mess all over the cushion

  • Toy Tryout: Doxy + Rauchana

    Today I'm all about the multitasksing - dressed up in some sexy thigh-high socks I'm on a mission to get my panties nice and soaked before sending them off to their new owner by grinding my doxy wand into my clit as I cum and cum and cum. I lose track of the orgasms as I roll from my back onto my knees and ride it with a single-minded dedication. Soaking the panties aren't enough for my needy libido, though, so I grab the Rauchana from Xenocat Artifacts and tease my swollen pussy with its soft alien form. As I drive the strangely shaped dildo deep into my needy cunt it drags a series of SQUIRTING orgasms out of me and I make sure to give you a close up view as it fucks me hard and fast until I'm a soaking mess.

  • Insatiable Hotel Masturbation

    Sometimes my libido turns me into an insatiable slut, desperate to get off in any way possible. I first try to satisfy my cravings with my hand, then my njoy wand before grinding my swollen clit on the mattress and finally by desperately humping a pillow until I cum. There's lots of dirty talking and lust-filled moans and groans as I chase orgasm after orgasm, toying my super creamy pussy until I squirt before taking out all my frustrations on a soft, sweet pillow.

  • Snap Show: Njoy Play

    Not technically one of my New Toy Tryout videos, this sexy little snap show invoves me sliding out of my button-up and pajama pants in order to tease myself until I'm so wet you can hear my fingers in my soaked pussy. When I can't take any more teasing I grab my smallest Njoy wand (the aptly-named Fun Wand) and grind it hard against my g-spot, drawing orgasms out of my creamy pussy. After adding the Satisfyer for a little extra stimulation I end by SQUIRTING all over the couch.

  • Mirror Ridged Fuck

    Sometimes I'm just so eager I have to skip the I'm so wet that all I want it to work my thick, ridged toy into my pussy and ride it through every noisy, SQUIRTING orgasm. Perhaps it's watching my muscular calves and sexy feet encased insheer thigh highs gets you turned on? Or the sensuality of getting to see every quiver and shake reflected in the mirror? Maybe it's seeing my perfect pink nipples on display as I beg anddesperately fuck myself with the toy? No matter which part gets you off, this is a clip you won't want to miss

  • Snap Show: Rest Stop Masturbation

    Long drives always lead to long breaks to rub one out, at least where I'm involved! I tuck myself away in a bathroom stall and touch myself everywhere I've been craving - playing with my sensitive nipples and sliding my fingers deep within my needy pussy. I switch positions a few times, so you get all the good views; leaning back against the wall as I rub my clit, bending over so that you can watch my curves as I write and then letting you watch from behind as I finger my pussy and rub my cute little asshole.

  • Toy Tryout: Uberrime Vivo

    Quiet days are some of the best times for toy tryouts, so let's hang out and have a go at the Uberrime Vivo - it's a perfect gspot toy that makes me absolutely soak the bed, no matter whether I'm riding it or laying back and stroking it deep and hard.

  • Pumped & Dragon Fucked

    My first foray into pussy pumping gave me the prettiest puffy pink pussy...which, when paired with my petite pink plug and Bad Dragon's Apollo quickly turns me into a sloppy, SQUIRTING mess, complete with a juicy close-up view of my pussy stretched around the girthy toy.

  • Snap Show: Casual Hotel Masturbation

    Some mornings my libido doesn't want to quiet down and let me focus, so the only solution is sharing my coffee-fueled orgasms with my lovely snapchat subscribers. It's early and I'm half asleep, so I keep it simple - some intense nipple play followed by fingering my needy, wet pussy until I cum enough to focus again. *DISCOUNTED DUE TO MINIMAL AUDIO GLITCHES*

  • Short Super Soaker

    After a productive morning I needed some mid-afternoon relief, so I settle into my room's red chair and quickly toy myself to a couple of moaning, SQUIRTING orgasms with my njoy wand that soak the entire cushion